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Task 2 - Plan of Attack

Plan of Attack

Your goal in this task is to determine how well (current and potential) competing products already satisfy the requirements identified during Contextual Inquiry and codified during requirements analysis, thus helping you to decide if there is adequate space in the market for the product you’ve envisioned. Doing so should also help to refine your focus on what the product should be and might suggest additional functional, technical, and business targets the new product must meet to provide differentiated value to customers. There are many ways of performing such an analysis, ranging from producing a set of qualitative product reviews  to a more formal dimensional analysis. You will be using a simple quantitative technique, derived from Multiattribute Utility Technique, which involves producing an overall suitability score for each product with respect to a weighted set of criteria.

Define and Conduct the Analysis

  •         Define a clear purpose for the analysis</li>
  •         Identify competing products
  •                 Current
  •                 Potential (if there are any significant contenders)

        Define a framework for comparing products

  •                 Criteria, derived from your requirements work, for comparison; potential criteria might be
  •                         Functional
  •                         Technical
  •                         Business-related (from a customer's perspective in this context                
  •                 A relative weight for each criterion

        Perform a quantitative analysis, measuring or rating by team consensus how well each product satisfies each criterion

  •                 You may want to test your framework on a single product to ensure that its results are sensible before proceeding to the full analysis
  •                 Adjust your choice of criteria and/or their weights as required to produce an outcome that makes sense (noting that this is not necessarily the same as an outcome that matches your biases!)

        Draw conclusions about particular products, the overall product space, and, thus, the likely viability of your proposed product
        Report your conclusions and provide the supporting analysis to management


A report analyzing competing products in light of your team's previously documented requirements

The deliverable will include an overall analysis submitted by the team and individual deliverables showing evaluation of a specific competitor (or potential competitor) using the analysis framework developed by the team. Your submission will be reviewed as a team submission, but you should try to have each member of your team evaluate at least one product, and identify who did what in the document itself.
    There are two parts to the submission. The first part shows the overall scoring for the analysis, showing the products that were evaluated, the criteria that were used for the analysis (probably about 7 factors), and any weighting that was applied to the various factors. The result can be summarized in a spreadsheet that shows this information (factors on the left, products on top) along with the total scores. The second part explains the process that you used to identify competitors, and the reasons for choosing the factors that you chose. Keep in mind that your competitors and future competitors will not stand still, and that they are likely to respond to anything that you do with new features of their own.

    Please remember to include your team name in the file name of the document(s) that you submit.
Scoring: 20% of your overall grade will be given to the team analysis.</p>