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RA Task 3 Plan of Attack

Task Introduction

Formulating a vision and translating that vision into quality software is only part of the work of developing a product. We must also consider the competitive space and how the product will be introduced to market. Your presentation will answer several key questions that management has at this stage.

Deliverable 1:

Updated Product Vision Document (if required)

Revise your product vision document from Software Product Definition (or the first mini of PDV) to include any key things you have discovered during the earlier tasks of this course. Note that this is intended to be a minor adjustment, at most, not a complete rethinking of the vision.
Deliverable 2: Presentation to Management

Use your product vision document as the basis for your presentation to management. You can divide up the work among your team, but regularly share findings. Insights from one line of work will help in another. As noted in the VP of Marketing’s message, your presentation must review your product vision (including the whole product), analyze the competitive space, propose initial product releases under two scenarios (the minimum viable product and a "traditional" first release), identify any significant risks, and finally, recommend whether to go ahead with the project or not.

Prepare a presentation for management (or potential investors or partners): 

        Practice(!) your presentation before giving it
        Be prepared to answer questions. Assume that your audience needs to decide whether to make an "investment" in your product (based significantly on whether they have confidence that your team has done a good job in thinking through the steps needed to define the product). You can expect questions about:

  •                 Your vision for the product and how it has evolved\
  •                 Your confidence in your identification of the target market and how to approach it
  •                 Your assessment of current and potential competitors
  •                 The features of your proposed product with emphasis on the first release (but also potentially including aspects of the whole product)
  •                 Whether you would move forward were it your decision.

The presentation is worth 10% of your overall grade (team score).