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SPS Task 1

Task 1: Technical Feasibility and Engineering Plan

Due Date: 6 PM PST, Monday, February 6th

Now that you are ready to move ahead with your project, your next step is to look at the technical and business feasibility of implementing a solution that meets your requirements. While the goal is to bring a workable solution to market as quickly as possible, you must balance functionality and cost with key properties of the system, including reliability, scalability, performance, security, usability, maintainability, and more. With the requirements in mind, you should evaluate alternative approaches and prepare a report with your recommendation. Your analysis should address the following:

  •         ability to meet previously defined functional requirements, with mitigation strategies for perceived risks.
  •         buy vs. build -- Are there existing systems, frameworks, or components that we should use in building this system, or should we develop our own application using custom coding. If you recommend using some existing software, you should identify the software components/products and any critical issues related to its use. Consider both business and technical issues.
  •         security of the solution, including ongoing updates for security holes and the ability to perform e-commerce, e.g., subscribing online
  •         performance and scalability, including the ability to adjust front and back-end performance as site traffic increases with more users and content
  •         usability, considering the end user, content creators, and site administrators</li>
  •         costs for initial and ongoing development,including software developers (inhouse, contracted, or outsourced), content creators, software licenses, and hardware/hosting

Please be as specific as possible. This task is worth 25% of your overall class grade.