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SPS Task 2

Task 2: Creating a Product Roadmap

Due Date: February 8th, 6 PM PST

Now that you have estimated the engineering effort for the initial release of your product, you should have a better idea of how long it will take to bring your product to market, including an estimate for each of the significant features of the product. With this information, you can now use your functional requirements, information from competitive analysis, and other factors to create a roadmap covering several significant releases of your product over a 2-3 year period. This roadmap should be submitted at the same time as Task 1, showing a set of 3-5 releases with the key features associated with each release. Submit your roadmap in .doc, ODF, or PDF format. This task is worth 10% of your overall class grade.

Note that this assignment is due at the same time as Task 1, since you are likely to be working on them together.