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SPS Task 3

Due Date: 6 PM PST, February 27th

Now that you have completed your engineering analysis and produced a roadmap, we can move on to address the issues of marketing the product. We'll want to establish market positioning for the product (and the company), produce marketing "documents", think about how to launch the product in the market, and create a plan for attracting potential customers. With our current understanding of the competition, we want to position the product so that prospective customers will find it to be an attractive alternative to its competitors. I’d like you to prepare a product brief, a product marketing plan, and a draft press release for product launch. You can plan on using outside expertise to help with graphic design and with marketing communications. Please prepare a product brief or web site equivalent (2 pages), a marketing plan (recommended length: 10-15 pages), and a draft press release (2 pages), along with your first cuts at a marketing budget and a launch plan. Your marketing plan should reflect your limited resources. If your product is a web service with no physical deliverable, you may create a small web site to serve as a product brief in place of a traditional two-page product brief.

One useful text for this task is Luther's The Marketing Plan, AMACOM, 3rd or 4th edition. The book is a bit dated (esp. Chap 2), since it doesn't include material on web-based marketing or social marketing. Nonetheless, the material on the overall elements of marketing strategy is valuable. The best material on marketing per se is in Chapters 5 and 9-11.  A candidate template for your marketing plan is attached to this page, but you are not required to use it.

Submitting your Work

Please submit your work as a single archive (.zip) containing the requested deliverables in .doc, .xls, or PDF formats as appropriate.

Task Deliverables

• Product brief (1-2 pages) • Press release for product launch (1-2 pages) • Marketing program plan showing percentage allocation to various programs • First cut launch schedule • First cut marketing budget

Deliverable Checklists

• Launch schedule : Is the launch schedule well aligned with the product development schedule in the requirements document and roadmap? • Marketing program plan: Did you include both the programs that will cost money as well as any guerrilla tactics that will cost little or nothing? • Budgets : The draft budget is preliminary, since you will revise it when you assemble all of the revenue and expense elements in Task 3. Please separate the initial costs (website development and launch program) from ongoing expenses. This task is worth 25% of your overall class grade.

Grading Rubric (breakdown of allocation for the 25%)

• Product brief: 20% • Press release: 15% • Marketing program plan: 20% • Launch schedule: 15% • Marketing budget: 20% • Quality: 10%