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SPS Task 4

Sales Channels and Revenue Model


Due date: 6 PM, Friday, March 3rd

The next step is to evaluate your sales strategy. You need to set prices for our products and services, and decide on the various techniques to be used to sell them. That process, combined with your understanding of the market and its competitive space, leads to a revenue model.

For each of your products and services, you should define a “list” selling price. You can use that estimated price to define appropriate sales channels for each product. From there, you can analyze the sales growth for our products and determine a likely range for our revenue growth. You’ll use that information later when we assemble the complete business plan.

Task Deliverables

  • Revenue plan by quarter (3 years from present, or 2 years from launch)

    Make sure to show the revenue breakdown by product and service, not just a single total. Remember to provide best-case, worst-case, and average-case projects.

    This plan should show the pricing of your products and services, along with some explanation of how you decided on your pricing structure.

  • Initial sales strategy at launch
  • Sales strategy at $5M run rate (or 2 years after launch)

Grading Rubric

  • Revenue plan: 50%
  • Initial sales strategy: 20%
  • Sales strategy at $5M run rate: 20%
  • Clarity of documents: 10%