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SPS Task 5

Task 5 is your launch presentation of your product. You should "time travel" forward to the imagined date of your product launch. Building on the material that you have created for your marketing brief and press release, and following your overall marketing plan, you should put together a presentation announcing your product to the world, ideally at some event where it will draw the right audience and a suitable amount of attention. The product launch is timed to align with the engineering effort so that people can see what you have built; of course, development delays may have an impact on your announcement, which you may have scheduled several months in advance. Your presentation should follow Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 guidelines for presentations. You will have 6 minutes for your presentation, and another 4 minutes for Q&A.  Because of the short length, no more than 2 people should give the presentation, though a larger group may be available to answer questions.

Your presentation will be given during the last class.  You should submit an electronic version of your presentation by Noon PST that day.