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Logistics for PDV (49-792) Fall 2016

Here are some of the details for Product Definition and Validation for FallA 2016.

Class meets on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 1:20 PM (Part-time students) on campus.

In addition, you will have regular team meetings with your instructor.

Notes on Task 4 presentation

The key idea of this task is that you should be able to explain the problem you are addressing and the main features of your solution in five minutes. It's not a research seminar or an investor pitch, but an announcement, so you have to cut to the chase and get people interested in learning more.

You're not supposed to present the history of the project, the architecture of your system, or your marketing plan -- just pretend that you are out there in late 2011 or early 2012 and launching your product to the world at a suitable event.

Zack Urlocker's presentation on Positioning

With his permission, here is Zack Urlocker's presentation on product positioning, which we will use for a class exercise on February 15th.

Eloqua papers on Lead Scoring and Social Media

Eloqua has published four Grande Guides about marketing automation, aimed at CMOs. Here's their Guide on Lead Scoring, with another Guide on Social Media. You can find the others on Eloqua's web site.

PDV Presentations

Presentations for PDV are attached or linked to this page.

Class Introduction - 30 August 2016 (below)

Idea Workshop - Problem Development - 1 September 2016

Idea Workshop - Problem Definition - 6-8 September 2016

Week 3 - 13-15 September 2016

Week 5 - 27-29 September 2016


Weekly Class Materials

Presentations and URDs from Spring 2017 will be posted after the Thursday afternoon class meets, probably on Fridays

Week 1 (January 17) - appended below

Week 2 (January 24) - appended below

Week 3 (January 31) - appended below; Evening class recordings - Part 1 and Part 2

Week 4 (February 7) - appended below

Week 5 (February 14) - appended below

Week 6 (February 21) - appended below

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