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FTM Course Logistics

Course syllabus (PDF)

The First Time Manager is a seven week-long course during which students become familiar with a broad range of issues related to management roles within an organization. The course is aimed at students with significant knowledge about software development, but with little or no previous management experience, and covers the most common issues faced by individuals who are in their first management role, including:

  • working with people from other groups within an organization or company
  • developing techniques for managing subordinates and reporting to their managers
  • leading effective meetings
  • creating a productive working environment for centralized and distributed teams
  • addressing challenging management problems
  • prepare for further career advancement

The course work includes reading selected from three texts, as well as from relevant articles that may be assigned on an ad hoc basis.  Students will make at least one presentation and submit one written report.

Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 2:50 PM in Room 109/110 of Building 23.

Your attendance at class sessions is required. Please devote your full attention to the class proceedings so that you can effectively take part in the discussion. Part of your grade is given for the quality of your participation in the class discussions and small-group work. Respect the faculty, your classmates, and guests by giving full attention to the discussion and presentation.

Deliverable Submission Method: All draft and final deliverables should be submitted in a format compatible with Microsoft Office 2003/2004 format, LibreOffice, or PDF. Do not send links to online documents; these will not be accepted. Please include your name (for individual assignments) or your team's name in the file name. Submissions should be sent via email to the instructor.

Grading: See course syllabus