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PDV Individual and Team Assignments

Assignment 2: Team Assignment
Please submit a list of interview questions for each type of interview that you are conducting.  Thus, if you are talking to both buyers and sellers for a commerce application, you should submit two sets of questions. The list(s) should be submitted by Midnight, 1 October.

Assignment 3: Persona Definition - Individual Assignment
Please submit a detailed persona for the problem that you are addressing. This persona should be similar to a biography, and show the reasons why the problem that you are addressing should be of interest to this persona. This persona definition should be submitted by Midnight, 2 October.

Grading criteria: The more completely that you describe the persona, the better. You can include a picture, information about the persona's family, hobbies, employment, home, or anything else that helps to characterize the persona and show why that persona is relevant to your problem. You will be evaluated (up to 20%) on grammar, spelling, and style.

Assignment 4: Interview transcript - Individual Assignment
Please submit an edited transcript of an interview that you have personally conducted. You should provide information about the interview subject, along with the date and location of the interview. You may leave out parts that are not related to the problem, but the transcript should include your questions as well as the (possibly edited) replies from your interview subject. Make sure to include your name and team on both the document itself and in the file name of your submitted document. This transcript should be submitted by Midnight, 5 October.

Each of these assignments is worth 10% of your overall grade in the class.