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Software Product Strategy

Software Product Strategy (SPS) is a seven week course that is focused on detailed analysis of a product vision, with an eye toward turning the product vision into a software-centric solution. In the previous courses, you have created and validated a vision for a product, identifying key functionality, and gaining an initial understanding of likely markets for the product. SPS literally picks up where those courses left off, and revisits, in greater depth, some of the topics that were initially addressed in the introductory Elements of Software Management course, and uses some of the same books that were required for that course. Learning objectives:

Be able to make management decisions related to the various business and technical issues associated with the development of software products and services

Improve your ability to apply analysis techniques, such as SWOT and PEST, to evaluate market factors for a product or service

Be able to estimate and evaluate the market for a product, including market size, growth rate, and competition

Be able to describe various architectural styles and patterns, including software as a service, service-oriented architectures, and client-server, and to select which are best suited for a particular use

Reach decisions in the presence of time constraints, limited information, and differing opinions

There are six tasks, each of which is a team-oriented project, with occasional individual assignments within the tasks. Teams will be expected to give regular, brief in-class “standup” reports on their progress. Task 0 is an identification of potential partners. Task 1 is an engineering analysis of the effort that it will take to bring the product to its first release, as well as the delivery mechanism(s) for the product. Task 2 uses that analysis to refine the product roadmap. Task 3 involves the creation of a marketing plan for your product, including development of a marketing plan, a product brief, and a press release for product launch. Task 4 is a launch presentation in class of how you will announce and position your product when you are ready to announce it. Information on the course logistics may be found here.